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LVWIT Security Center

LVWIT Security Center supports as the central liaison with Lvwit security team. It welcomes security researchers and partners around the world, along with security team, to foster a robuster cyber security eco-system.

Welcome to Lvwit to achieve secured environment.



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3、ExectionLogic Vulnerability
4、Android Privilege Vulnerability
6、Denial of Service
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Submission instructions

  • It's recommended to report vulnerability through this website.
  • Or you could send to with the title 'Security Vulnerability'
  • Please do not make open the vulnerability before it is fixed. We promise to take every report seriously and will keep you updated. In the end, we would like to offer you some gift for your hardwork.
  • Every report would be evaluated within 7 days by our engineer.
  • Should you have any questions about the evaluation process, please do contact us at


2、Platform Announcement 

 Customer submitted Security Handling Process.
 Vulnerability Level Description.